How to know the number I need to buy.

Remember that since 2001 Spain has accepted the continental numbering C.E. If you have any questions, please fax us a template of your foot. To do this, sit down and draw the outline of the foot (with a thin sock) with a pencil perpendicular to the ground. We will try to give you the most accurate number based on the number that you tell us that you normally use. We use two different types of numbers, Spanish size and  American size, depending on the models. See the table of equivalences.

My foot is wider than usual.

In some models for men we have up to three different widths.

Are there bigger or smaller sizes than those indicated in the catalog?

Yes, ask us. Higher numbers of those indicated in the catalog can have an increase in the price.

I like a model but I would like it in another color.

Custom manufacturing of any model is possible. Ask us for the colors available, the time of completion of the order and the final price of the article.

Why a custom-made order makes the price of shoes more expensive?

The time devoted to the manufacture of a pair of shoes different from the rest of the task is at least 30% more than a standard shoe. If a color change or pattern is added to the product, the time used in manufacturing can be doubled or tripled. For this reason, if you want a special shoe consult us the price and the time that we need for its manufacture.

How should I take care of my shoes?

It is important to use high-quality bitumen. If you want to keep your shoes shiny, apply a small amount of shoe-colored bitumen (not an applicator) and brush repeatedly with a brush or chamois. If the shoe is suede, first remove the dust with a hard brush and apply a spray repair of the color of the shoe. There is a large variety of products on the market that are suitable for the care of each type of skin. Ask us, we can provide them.

I have skin allergy problems.

We have some shoes made of vegetable tanned leather with very low chromium content. Ask us for more information.

The sole of some shoes has been ripped off.

Surely the soles are already worn. Bringing the shoes to a good repairman can guarantee the longest life of your LG. If you wish, we can repair them.

Do not hesitate to ask us about any incident you have with our shoes. In addition to trying to solve your problem, you will help us to continue improving the quality of our shoes.