You know us by our shoes, bags, belts and wallets.

Fernando Castellano opened his first store in Madrid in 1942, which could be one of the oldest businesses on Hermosilla Street nowadays. A small shop but with a special and artisanal taste. What began as a repair shop soon became a benchmark for the most demanding class in the manufacture of women's shoes and field boots. The 60s came and a wave of young and new air made a second generation. Lorenzo, Gloria and Fernando, created the famous loafers that filled the market of those years and since then, they have been known in Madrid as "Castilians", on behalf of the family name. At that time the shoes were made only by order and you had to wait up to three months to get a pair of shoes or a bucket bag. A whole generation still remember those years.

The tastes and needs of our customers have led to the development of a wide collection of shoes with the same yesteryear quality, achieved through an artisanal and entirely Spanish production.

Both in our stores and in our website you can choose between different materials, colors and everything you want, because we can do anything you can think of. "Personalization", so fashionable these days, is not something new for us. Some of our models were named after a client or a special person: Solis, Villota, Diego ... Why cannot the name of a shoe that you have imagined yourself be yours?

You deserve the quality of the original also in the network. in accordance with articles 18 of the Commercial Code and 6 of the Regulations of the Commercial Register is registered in the Commercial Register of Madrid in the volume: 18327, book: 0 , folio: 60, section 8, sheet: m-324107, inscription: 1 CIF B 83593046